Broadcasting to Facebook Live with OBS

#1 Download OBS Studio

As I said, in this tutorial, we're going to be using the free and open source software, OBS Studio:

OBS Studio

So, head on down to the Open Broadcaster Software website and download OBS Studio:

Download OBS Studio >>

IMPORTANT! Please download OBS Studio (for Windows, Mac or Linux) and not the old OBS Classic (Windows Only). OBS Studio has built-in support for Facebook Live while the classic version does not.

#2 Get your Stream Key

In order to start streaming to Facebook Live, you need a Stream Key and the ability to publish a live video via Facebook.

First of all, do you want to go live from your Facebook page or your profile?

There is a different method for each.

The first is for Facebook Pages only. The 2nd method is mainly for Facebook Profiles & Groups, but also Facebook Pages.

Method 1: Facebook Pages Only

The easiest way to go live on your Facebook Page via your computer is to use the button at the top of this page.

However, the traditional way to go live from your page is to use the "Publishing Tools" on your page.

Log on to your Facebook page and click on Publishing Tools in the top menu:publishing-tools

Then click on Videos on the left menu:

Facebook Page Video

Then click on the +Live button on the top right:


Then copy the stream key in the modal window that appears:

stream-keyThen click preview and fill in your update text and video information:Create Live Video

You can't go live yet, since you'll need to enter the stream key into OBS and start your stream so that Facebook can receive it.

Once Facebook receives your stream it will no longer display "OFFLINE" and will start to display your stream preview. Now skip to

Now skip to #3

Method 2: Facebook Profiles & Groups (and pages)

If you want to go live via your Facebook profile and share to your own timeline, a friend's timeline or a group you'll need to do things a little differently.

Facebook doesn't give you Publishing Options for profiles. They do, however, provide developers the Live Video API.

That's fine for developers, but not very helpful for everyone else! So, I've made it easier for you all by creating a button that connects to Facebook Live using the official Live Video API. All you need to do is click the button above!

So what are you waiting for?

Firstly, Click on the "Broadcast on Facebook Live" button above (at the top of this article). You should see a pop up window.

Then, choose whether you want to go live on your profile or group and click next:facebook-live

Then first pop-up window should close and a second pop-up window should appear.

If this second pop-up does not appear, you'll need to check your pop-up settings to allow pop-ups. See the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this article.

In the pop-up, enter your update text and video information:

Create Live Video

You can't go live yet since you'll need to enter the stream key into OBS and start your stream so that Facebook can receive it.

Once Facebook receives your stream it will no longer display "OFFLINE" and display your stream preview.

#3 Start Streaming

Click settings in OBS Studio and then click stream in the left menu.

Select "Streaming Services" as the Stream Type and "Facebook Live" as the service.

Paste the stream key you obtained from the previous step into the "Stream Key" box:


You shouldn't need to enter the server URL because OBS uses the standard URL.

Click Apply and OK.

Make sure you have selected a video source (such as your webcam) and that you can see this in the preview section.

Then click the "Start Streaming" button:

Start Streaming

Go back to the Facebook Live pop-up window in your browser.

After a few seconds, it should display "Fetching video stream". If it does not, check the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this article for possible causes.

Fetching Video Stream

And then after a few more seconds, display your stream in all its glory:

Please note, there will be a 5-7 second delay in the stream. This is normal.

IMPORTANT! If you are testing, it is a good idea to select "Only Me" for the "Who should see this?" option. That way no one else will see the live video while you are testing. You could then view your live video on a secondary device such as your smartphone:Who should see this?If you are happy to go live click the "Go Live" button in the browser window:Go LiveThe pop-up window will then close. Don't worry, you have gone live!

Check your feed and you should see your live video has appeared. That's it. Enjoy!

To end your live stream, simply click the stop streaming button in OBS Studio.


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