What is FTP and how do I upload my files?

FTP (FileTransferProtocol - File Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used to remotely transfer files from one computer to a  server and vice versa  through a  client  such as  filezilla  or  smartftp .


Tasks that we can perform in addition to transferring files to and from the  server  are deleting server  files  and changing permissions.


 transfer files as binary (binary) or ASCII and this service is available, as long as you have internet connection.


To log in to your  FTP  service, you first need to have access to the username / password that is currently available in your email  activation server.


Here are two examples of how to connect to the  ftp  service using the two most popular logins,  filezilla  and martftp .





First download and install filezilla  on your computer client


Open Filezilla and make the connection according to the following steps.



1. Select  File  ->  Site Manager




2. Add a new  site  and login information by stating the following on the General tab  .



NewSite  (under the  mysites, state your site )


- In the Host field  , state  ftp.yourdomain.gr  (where  yourdomain.gr  you register your own  domain )


- In  Port  state 21 which is the default.


 At  Encryption select  Only Use Plain Ftp


- In  Logon Type  select  Normal


- In the User  field,  state what we have sent you to the e- mail  activation server on New account information 


- In the Password  field,  state what we have sent you to the e- mail  activation server on the topic New account information


- Finally, select  Connect , log in and transfer your files by dragging and dropping to the  root  folder that appears in the right window of  Filezilla . You can also use copy and paste .






First download  Smartftp client 


After you download and install it, open it and log in as follows.


- In the Address  field declare  ftp.yourdomain.gr  (where  yourdomain.gr  you register your own  domain )


- In the Login  field,  state what we have sent you to the e- mail  activation link on New account information.


- In the field  Password  indicate what you have sent to the e mail  hosting activation on New account information.


- At  Port leave it 21 that is the default one.


- Finally, click the arrow (4) to the right of the  Address .



If you are using the latest version of Smartftp, open it and click on the connection



In the new dialog box, state the following:

1. ftp.yourdomain.gr (where yourdomain.gr, register your domain name).

2. State the username of your ftp service (you can find it in the activation email on " New account information ").

3. State the Password of your ftp service (you can find it in the activation email on " New account information ").

4. Click OK .



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