New Minecraft Servers packages

We have upgraded the Minecraft Servers service and added the Bungeecord package at a very low price.


New packages with more RAM and unbeatable prices. Any of the existing users who want the free upgrade can contact us via Support Ticket.

21st Feb 2021
Additional update in Sonic Panel

We have fixed all our servers and all users must do the following at once. Log in to SonicPanel >> Click Manage AutoDJ from the left menu, and then click the Save button once to apply the new patch. After the above action, the scheduled lists will work properly. Also, the following new features are added to SonicPanel: HTML Codes ... Read More »

5th Jan 2021
Sonic Panel Automatic Update v2.6 (Released)

CentOS 8 (64bit) is now officially supported by SonicPanel. You can install SonicPanel on the latest CentOS 8 (64bit) systems. SSL Radio Ports are added back and available now and forever. It is now working with the new backend system of SP, therefore they are now fully DDOS protected!. They are back because many old players, scripts, ... Read More »

8th May 2020
Sonic Panel Automatic Update v2.5 (Released)

Action Required: The following AutoDJ fixes/improvements require an action to apply the update. The client needs to save AutoDJ settings for once under the Left Menu >> Manage AutoDJ >> click Save Changes to apply the updates. One time save settings action is valid for all below list. We have also added a notification to the main ... Read More »

4th May 2020
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