We are excited to announce the release of Everest Panel (Audio Streaming Control Panel) version 1.1.7. This new version brings a host of enhancements and bug fixes, making it even easier for users to manage and control their audio streaming services.

Some of the key features and improvements in Everest Panel 1.1.7 are as follows:




✅ Added own SSL option for URL branding.
✅ Added SSL information on the URL Branding page.
✅ Added an option to avoid "(same artist - same track)" options, allowing users to return to the default playlist or replay the same track.
✅ Added cover image to API "get-past-tracks-api" and updated it to include an independent API for retrieving all track data.
✅ Show station ID for users using apps.



✅ Updated the local server's Geo database to the latest version.
✅ Updated the EverestPanel Laravel packages to their most recent versions.



✅ Various functions have undergone enhancements to improve their overall efficiency.



✅ Fixed SSL issue occurring after 3 months of expiration. Channels will now not stop and do not require manual restart.
✅ Fixed encoding issue in station description with Icecast.
✅ Fixed suspend issue with resellers for the broadcasters under them.
✅ Fixed next track image bug.
✅ Fixed clock issue bug.
✅ Fixed schedules one-shot bug.
✅ Fixed migration bug.
✅ Various other bugs have been addressed and fixed.



We are committed to continuously improving Everest Panel and are excited to bring these new features and enhancements to our users.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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