CentOS 8 (64bit) is now officially supported by SonicPanel. You can install SonicPanel on the latest CentOS 8 (64bit) systems.

 SSL Radio Ports are added back and available now and forever. It is now working with the new backend system of SP, therefore they are now fully DDOS protected!. They are back because many old players, scripts, codecanyon paid players, wordpress plugins.. are all require https://domain:port style url to play and show metadata. The feature is along with Direct SSL Play URL, both options are now available on the client side SP now, on the left menu SSL Connections link.

 We have changed the way of SP installation on servers, the entire SonicPanel installation on a new server is now 2 to max 3 minutes depending on the server connection speed. The update system is also changed to prevent any radio/autodj stop in the future with automatic updates that we had on v2.5 which was unexpected.

 SP is now optimized for the best performance, it is fast and stable. Enjoy the speed and quality :)

 The main page of SonicPanel is now redirected to clients SP login, so if you open https://domain.com of your SonicPanel on the browser, you will notice that it is redirected to clients SP login page. So that, you can directly share your SP server main domain with your users as a login URL.

 Fixed all the free letsencrypt missing ssl/chain errors and misconfigurations that were causing issues on android platform and on some custom players as well as ssl verify website failures. Your SSL certificates can be verified by any ssl verify website fully now.

 Fixed SonicPanel does not reload itself after SSL activations causing invalid SSL certificate errors on browsers.

 Fixed the delete button problem on the custom/paid SSL certificates page of the root user.

 Prevent jingle feature activation if there is no jingle in the list implemented. This was causing issues on the AutoDJ.

 Start all radios/autodjs function were starting suspended radios bug fixed.

 Fixed invalid MusicLibrary links on the client side SP.

Friday, May 8, 2020

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