Action Required: The following AutoDJ fixes/improvements require an action to apply the update. The client needs to save AutoDJ settings for once under the Left Menu >> Manage AutoDJ >> click Save Changes to apply the updates. One time save settings action is valid for all below list. We have also added a notification to the main page of clients SonicPanel to let them know that they need to save AutoDJ settings for once.

 This update will take approximately 5-8 minutes depending on your server load and speed and the load of the server may go high during the update, its a huge update and very normal. You will be logged out from the SonicPanel root automatically if you are already logged when the update is finished. This is normal on this update as we have changed the backend of the SP, relogin as usual.

 You may have to restart your all radios and AutoDJs if they are offline after the update. Future updates will not stop or restart radios, this is a one time mandatory stabilization update at all.


    • New Feature: (SSL Radio Play URL) A new SSL radio play url link added to client side SP. The new play url directly plays the radio, the best part of this function is, it works directly on the port 80 without any port requirements. The new SSL Play URL can be used on any html players on any website, it can be used on any player programs, andorids, phone applications etc.. No more ssl radio port conflict problems or ssl radio port failures. The new SSL Radio Play URL information for each radio is provided under the SSL Radio Play URL link on the client side SP left menu as well as on the main page tabs. Eg; The 8002 port in the url is for the radio identification purpose only, the /stream part is the mount point as we are going to add extra mount point options with auto updates soon.


    • Depreciate/Function Removal: (SSL Radio Ports) As the new SSL Radio Play Url is released, the old custom ssl radio ports are no longer needed. They will be removed in future automatic updates approx in a month or so. This will save %40 extra cpu usage as well as prevent ddos attacks on the servers, no more ssl radio port conflicts or ssl radio port failures.


    • Security: (DDOS Protection for SSL Radio Play URL) We have implemented a backend DDOS protection on the new SSL Radio Play URL, a single IP cannot reconnect so fast with some rate limits, you can simply test it by spamming your F5 button on the keyboard when you are on the new ssl radio play url to see how it stops you. And a single IP cannot connect more than 3 times. This is a %100 DDOS protection for the SSL play url, that will block any attack coming from outside website players to the server or from anywhere as the connections are blocked before it reaches to the radio systems.


    • New Client Login URL: Added a new SSL client login url for the SonicPanel login. Clients can now login to their SP without any ports. The new SSL login url is provided on the client side SP under the main page SSL tabs. The new login url is will allow the user to login to SonicPanel. The old login ports are also available 2082 and 2083, they will stay the same.


    • New Feature: Backup Cover Image Each radio client can upload a backup cover image now, SonicPanel will show the backup cover image on player widgets and players for the currently playing song if SP cannot find any cover image in the mp3 files or on the live stream from spotify, lastfm and itunes searches.


    • New Feature: Custom/Paid SSL Certificates (Optional) Added new custom/paid ssl certificates option to the SonicPanel root on the left menu. You can now use your own paid ssl certificates which are stable than the free SSL certificates and of course they can be 1-2-3 years like a domain which is an another good reason. It is very easy to install your own cert by following the instructions on the page. You have to buy a certificate for your server hostname to use this feature. We have received reports from some android developers and users that the free letsencrypt SSL certificates having problems with android apk programs, therefore we have added this feature.


    • New Backend: We have completely changed the entire SonicPanel backend system. No more random panel crashes, random radio stops, not responding issues, lag and slow loads are all fixed. We expect a stable and smooth operations from now on and will call it stable version after we see how it does on more than 1000 servers. The new backend is smooth and flexible, this will also bring freedom of domains on the next versions, each user will be able to add their own domains from their SP soon, the root user will be able to customize custom domains for hosting purposes manually from the root SSH, we will share the information on this soon.


    • Improvement: Added cover image support to direct live streams without AutoDJ. It will fetch the album cover image if your song titles are properly set on your broadcast programs and if the song is found in Spotify, lastfm or itunes.


    • Improvement: SonicPanel Root >> List/Edit Radios page is recoded, the page was taking too much time to load especially if you have more than 100 radios. We have changed the way it loads and it is now asynchronous. That means you can edit a radio without any page freeze or waiting for the radio status to load. No more loading, no page locks, fast as expected from the name Sonic.
    • Improvement: SonicPanel Root >> List/Edit Radios page >> the hosting limit is moved to the edit modal of a radio with a nice percentage bar, also the start/stop buttons are changed to normal buttons instead of toggle. These were causing too much load on the CPU and slow loads when it comes to more than 100 accounts.
    • Improvement: Fixed memory leak, browser freeze and lag and slow load on the playlist manager while loading the mp3 tracks. The playlist manager is now faster than ever. It loads at lightning speed now and depends on your own computer specs, memory and cpu
    • Improvement: Single player widget, added autoplay option. Login to your clients SP, use the autoplay option under the single player widget settings page. Notice: Google chrome and all other browsers are no longer support AutoPlay with sound, it is blocked by the borwsers, even if you enable this option, it may not work on your browser or on many people unless they enable autoplay permission on their browser settings.
    • Improvement: Jingle/ID Features; changed the select option to manual on the jingles/ids of clients SP. You can now enter any numbers as you wish, "play x amount of jingle between x amount of songs" freedom of the jingles. Also, the jingle/id schedule/interval feature is currently under development and will be available soon, you will be able to schedule jingles individually or completely.
    • Improvement: Added required headers to IceCast radios for android players and some programs that require. Requires Action! >> Clients SP >> Left Menu >> Manage Radio >> Click Save Changes for once to apply the update.
    • Improvement: SP partnered with Spotify, the album cover images are now HD and high resolution.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed the AutoDJ sound repeat/jump problems. Requires Action! >> Clients SP >> Left Menu >> Manage AutoDJ >> Click Save Changes for once to apply the update.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some song titles shows up with .mp3 extensions on the radio titles. Requires Action! >> Clients SP >> Left Menu >> Manage AutoDJ >> Click Save Changes for once to apply the update.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed language character problems on email templates and in emails, you can use your own language in email templates now.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed packages owned by the reseller remains on the server when terminated the reseller account.
  • Bug Fix: DJ Panel custom message does not show up fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Blocked account creation with only numbers in the username.

Monday, May 4, 2020

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