What is the difference between the proxy server and the VPN

Many people confuse VPN with the proxy, assuming they are similar. This is to some extent logical, because both are important tools for anonymity on the internet.

However, the differences between them are quite numerous and have to do with the fact that the proxy server is designed to offer anonymity on the Internet without encryption.


The proxy server will only protect our privacy through the browser. The VPN that protects anything we do online on our computer or mobile device.

A free proxy offers higher speeds, especially downloading files, but may not be active at all times. But it gives us the ability to have it as a direct help if we do not want to pay for VPN.

For example, we can use it for the period that is active for anonymous torrent download. When torrenting is processed, further stronger protection can be triggered by the activation of a free VPN we have.

For proxy

  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • It's usually faster than a VPN.
  • It has features for fast torrent download.
  • It is free or cheaper than a VPN.
  • It is a quick solution to hide IP.
  • It runs on all functional and browsers.
  • For the most part, proxy sever does not need to install a program.

Against the proxy

  • It has limited site and server options.
  • It usually does not have its own specialized software.
  • It has much less to no encryption than a VPN.
  • Anonymity on the internet is provided only through the browser.
  • No technical support is provided.
  • An unknown proxy server may not be reliable at all.
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